Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Warning to Newly Formed Limited Companies

Thank you to Formations Direct ‘FD’ for this:


Recently formed limited companies are receiving bogus notices that they have to pay a further fee to complete their registration. The fraudster’s style and website are extremely convincing.

The fraud came to light when FD customers rang to ask why their company formations were incomplete. Subsequent enquiries showed that many other formation agents were receiving similar irate call.

Companies House are now investigating and it seems that they may have to address the way in which they allow data on new companies to be used, as this sort of scam is not new, although the cunning of the latest team is one of most audacious seen in recent years, even sporting a Charter Mark for excellence!

This episode underscores the importance of using a reputable and established formation agent. We can only wonder as to how many people fell for the ruse even if only ringing the 0870 phone number to listen to long messages.

Please pass this on/blog/twitter about it so others do not fall foul of this con.

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