Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Business Guide ~ Choosing The Right Accountant ~ Part 1

Here is part 1 of our guide to 'Choosing the Right Accountant'.

Check the Accountant is Qualified and Registered with an Appropriate Professional Body

Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves an accountant, even if they have no formal training, qualifications or insurance. This makes the task for businesses even harder when making the right choice of accountant.

To overcome this you must check that your accountant is properly registered and qualified to undertake the job of being your accountant.

Therefore you need to check that your new accountant is a member of an approved accountancy body. Look for the letters ACCA or FCCA if he or she is a Chartered Certified Accountant,  or ACA or FCA after the accountant's name if he or she is a Chartered Accountant.

These qualifications mean the accountant has gone through numerous rigorous exams before qualifying as well as spending several years gaining practical experience. You can also be sure that professional membership ensures the accountant has adequate indemnity insurance, and will have keep on updating their technical knowledge.

All of the professional accountancy bodies keep a list of their members, and the lists can easily be found online by visiting the appropriate accountancy associations' website.

You would not trust your health to an unqualified doctor so why trust your business and finances to an unqualified accountant.


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